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One of the main issues faced by artists and photographers is finding a reliable printer then a buyer for their prints. One of the missions of Robertson Prints is connecting artists, photographers and customers together. Here we support the artist to find the buyers, from professional print through to sale and delivery, using our Print On Demand Service.

The Printers

We use reputable, experienced, professional printers. All products go through rigorous quality control checks and are produced using genuine premium media and genuine archival inks.

Everything from their screens and media to their machines are calibrated for consistent and optimum results.

Our Print On Demand Service

If you are interested in selling your artwork, please create a Robertson Prints Seller account.

A seller account gives you exclusive access to our Print On Demand Service. 

By registering a seller account with us, we will create a category for you on our Website. Any artwork you submit to us will be listed within your own category. 

You must supply each file with a title, full description and selling price. This information will be uploaded with images of your artwork to create the product.

To ensure products on our Website are uploaded correctly and comply with our terms of use, we do not currently offer the seller a way to list the product themselves.

The product will be created and listed for you, based on the information you provide.

Artwork and Files

Your artwork MUST be high resolution, we do NOT accept low resolution files. Your files can be sent to us via email or any file sharing site, ie GoogleDrive, OneDrive, etc

Accepted file formats include: JPEG, TIFF, PDF

We will hold your artwork on file, ready to print. When an order comes in, we will go straight into production and dispatch the order direct to the customer.

Dispatch is normally within 24 hours, usually same day, subject to availability and busy peak periods.

Rates and Fees

You will receive a monthly audit of sales. So you will always have a clear understanding of what has sold and when.

Payment will be made to you at the end of each month.

A commission of 20% will be deducted from the sale price, plus the cost of production. You will receive the remaining balance of the sale.

Commission rates may reduce if a target amount of sales over the month has been achieved. 20% is the maximum amount of commission that will be charged.

Commission rates cover admin and payment processing fees, so there's no hidden fees to pay.

Cost price of production is clearly documented within our Website for anyone using a seller account. (Not visible to any other Website user)

Cost of production is the cost of producing the requested print or canvas.

Other Ways We Can Help

Additional services will be offered, where required. Such as our scanning service for artists to turn their original works into reproductions.

Promote Your Products

Once live, we encourage all sellers to actively promote links to their own products, using their personal and/or business social media accounts etc

If you require any further information or just want to have a chat over the process of our service, please Contact Us.

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